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I’m Back! (And new shop tour)

Video Transcript

Hey Guys, It’s Mike from The Geek Pub, and I am back!

So a lot of you guys have written some really hilarious comments on my YouTube Channel and my Facebook page, and I really appreciate those. Those are quite hilarious. For those of you who don’t know what I am talking about. I guess it was about 14 months ago I made the announcement that I was going to have to shut The Geek Pub down temporarily because we were selling our house and building a new one. So what I thought would turn into a four or five month move process turned into over a year. Well I’ll spare you all of the boring details of that but lets just say that the housing market in Texas (or at least in North Texas where I live) is through the roof! We thought it would take several months to sell our old house and we sold it in 10 days. So we had to move everything into storage really quickly. The new house, we purchased some land and we were ready to move there, or ready to build a new house there but then we had to fight with the city and all kinds of things to get the house that we wanted on that lot. So that took much much longer than we thought it would take.

Well that being said, we’re here! Welcome to the new shop. The Geek Pub Shop! It is almost finished! I have a few things left to do. I have not setup the dust collection and a few things like that. And I’ll make videos of all those things and show them to you as we go. But the good new is we’re back! We’re back and we’re going to be making videos! I started shooting video last night and this morning. I’ll have videos coming to you hopefully every week staring very soon. The channel is going to change just a little bit. I’m going to incorporate a little bit more woodworking into the channel than you might have seen in some of the past videos the last couple of years. But overall its still the same Geek Pub and we’re still going to do all of these really cool projects that we’ve done in the past. I can’t tell you how excited I am to be back! Have I said that yet, have I said that yet???? I’m going to give you a little shop tour just real fast. I’m going to give you a more in depth detailed one in the future. But this will give you a little one real fast, and then I’m going to talk to you just a little more. So let’s get started with the tour!

So first of all, behind me! I built a French Cleat System. I think you guys will really like this and I’ll do some more videos on that too. I have a lot more stuff I want to do with it. Some cabinetry I want to hang, some drawers and stuff like that that we’ll build in the future for this. As well as some of the little hanging components and all of that. So we’ll talk about that in the future, but it is a french cleat system. I’ve got all of my clamps hanging over here. I’ve got some of the tools that I use with the Saw Stop and some of that, router bits, saw blades. Outside in the garage I’ve got a bunch of other stuff: nuts, bolts, screws, hinges. All of the things that I don’t need accessible right here in the shop all of the time, but I can easily go get them should I need them.

OK. So to my left here is my Grizzly dust collector. This thing is a beast. It is. I don’t remember what the suction or all of that stuff is, but it is a beast. It’s really loud. It’s got this device here that you can clean the filter off with as its running. In fact I’ll just crank it up to let you here it. It don’t if it will do justice on the video but we’ll do that real fast. Enjoy that right!? I don’t even know if you can hear the microphone. In future videos we will set this guy up and I will pipe the shop so that I will have blast gates at each individual tool. And I’ll show you how that works in some future videos. But this guy rocks! It changes everything about how you do woodworking. The shop stays clean! That’s a big thing! I have a Jet Air Fil. Haha Excuse me. I have a Jet Air Filtration unit hanging on the ceiling. It is incredible working in a shop that is not dusty and dirty all the time. It makes a huge, huge difference. So we’ll talk more about that in the future.

Right directly behind me is my Grizzly Band Saw. It’s a 14 inch bandsaw. It’s one of their anniversary series, so its a little bit different color. Most of their stuff is white or green. This guy rocks. I think I’ve had it for about a year and a half now and I’ve use the heck out of it as I’ve had time. It was luckily one of the things that I didn’t have in storage. Or I would have made some videos actually speaking of that but all of my camera gear was, or at least the main pieces that I needed were in storage. But I did get to use it a little bit while we were living in a rental property. That was pretty fun.

OK! To my left here is my Saw Stop. This is the cabinet saw version. It is the I think one and three quarter horsepower. This think rocks! I had a table saw before as you saw in the old Geek Pub videos and this is just like night and day. Its just like going from 75 Pinto to a 2015 Lexus. It is night and day. For those of you who don’t know about the Saw Stop this system has a safety system in it. If your fingers or any part of your body (basically anything that is electrically conductive) makes contact with the blade, within just a few milliseconds the blade drops below the table. There’s some videos you can watch on YouTube where some people do some tests of it with a hot dog. In fact the CEO actually has a video where he actually touches the blade with his finger and he holds it up. There’s not even a nick. You can’t even tell that the blade touched his finger. A saw like this costs a few hundred dollars more than a regular table saw from Grizzly or some of the other guys, but I just felt like the safety feature on this was worth every money. Or every penny. We actually have one of these at the company I work for and we’ve actually had it go off and save someones finger at work. And the deal with that is: You pay lets say four or five hundred dollars more for that safety feature vs 200 thousand dollars to get your hand sewn back together! So to me this was just worth every penny. And like I said, it is a Lexus! It’s not only a safe saw, its an incredibly fun saw to use. So you’ll be seeing that in a lot of the videos coming up!

OK! So the last thing I will show you is over here on the left. This is my DeWalt Planer. It is one of the portable planers and it rolls around on a set of wheels. It is pretty good but I think there are better ones out there on the market. But for the money I don’t know if you can beat this one. You’ll see it in a lot of videos. I’m going to make a cutting board video I think every channel needs a cutting board video. Don’t as me why, but I think every channel that I follow has a cutting board video except mine! And I have a little twist on some cutting boards that I want to make that I think will be unique enough to warrant having my own. But this guy is pretty good. I’ve had a little bit of a problem with it not wanting to feed when its cold, when the weather is cold outside but other than that its done a good job for me. On the other side here I have my lumber cart and it is something I just built a couple of weeks ago so that I could get the shop organized. One of the things that was really important to me was to get this organized so that making videos would be fun. I didn’t want to try to make any videos until I had it at least halfway organized. So that’s been a blast!

So that being said! If you’re not following me on Facebook and Instagram please do! So first of all my website is www.TheGeekPub.com. You can follow me on Facebook at Facebook.com/TheGeekPub. I’m on Instagram at instagram.com/TheGeekPub. And of course, here you’re following me on YouTube at youtube.com/TheGeekPub. I really encourage all of you to go out and like my page on Facebook though if you don’t do anything else because it helps me communicate with you and get feedback from you guys on what you’d like to see next. On what you’d like me to be more clear about or maybe I spend too much time on a video. Give me some feedback about those things! It helps me make even better videos for you guys to see in the future. So if you don’t do anything else: www.facebook.com/TheGeekPub. Hit that like button. See you soon!

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