Mike Murray

Mike Murray

Hi!  I’m Mike. I’m a geek.  I started The Geek Pub back in 2008 as an outlet for my projects and interests.  In the beginning it was just a place for me to post things I was interested in or something about the latest beer I was trying. I found myself posting how-to articles, mostly about computer technology because that’s what my primary job is.  After a while I came to realize what I needed was something to do as an outlet that wasn’t related to work.  That’s when The Geek Pub as you know it today was born.  I started creating YouTube videos about my projects at home and the rest is history.

You can of course find me on all the social networks at the links at bottom of the page.  Be sure to follow me on Facebook!

To learn a little bit more about me, you can also watch my video”All About Mike“.  Or for more about The Geek Pub, watch my Channel Trailer on YouTube.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How do contact you?

My email is mike@thegeekpub.com or you can use my contact form.

Will you make a _______________?

Maybe.  If it fits within the theme of my channel, its somewhat affordable, and I generally like the idea I might make it.  I’m constantly asked in the comments on YouTube to make XYZ item, which I’ve already made and have a video about though. I’ve also been asked many times to make someone a project in my videos for them to purchase.  I don’t have time unfortunately to make custom projects. I do love hearing your project ideas though, so be sure to send me an email, or drop me a line on social media.

Is The Geek Pub your Full-Time Job?

Nope. I have a full-time job that I go to everyday.  Tech stuff.  I also have a wonderful wife and family who take up a lot of my time.  The Geek Pub is something I do as a hobby and a creative outlet.  I like to be busy.

You said you were in Tech, what do you do?

I like to keep work and personal separate, but think big rooms full of computer servers.

Why aren’t all of your plans free?

I spend a lot of time designing and creating my projects.  Some of them take me hours, or days to design.  I feel like I deserve some compensation for that effort.  In addition, The Geek Pub has a lot of bills every month.  From hosting bills to the cost of the materials used in the videos.  The small amount I make off of plans helps with these overheads.

How did you get Started in Making/Woodworking?

When I was a youngster my grandfather was a retiree and had a wood shop in his backyard.  I would play in his shop with him making simple things some weekends.  I always enjoyed that. When I got older I took some shop classes in high school.  It wasn’t until I was in my twenties that I really got into making stuff, mostly for cars and trucks (boom boxes, custom dashes, etc).  When I got into my thirties I started collecting tools and recently in my forties I built a new house with a dedicated work shop area.

Can I be in One of Your Videos?

Maybe. Contact me and we’ll see if there is a fit.

Can my company be a sponsor of The Geek Pub?

Maybe.  I do accept some sponsors, but since this is hobby I am pretty picky about my brand image.  Send me an email.

How old are you?  Where do you Live?

I’ll never tell, and North Texas.

What about your pets, favorite food, etc?

I made a video all about that stuff.