iPhone 4 Group Messaging

Have you ever wished you could carry on a conversation with multiple people in the text messaging app on iPhone?

Well, you can!  In iOS 4, the latest operating system for the iPhone as of this writing allows you to group text messages in a conversation.  When you reply, everyone in the conversation receives a copy of the message!

However, by default, Apple left Group Messaging turned off.  To enable it you’ll need to go to your preferences (  ), then messaging.  You should see the following screen.

Flip the switch under Group Messaging to ON.

That’s it!  It’s that easy.  Now you can carry on text message conversations with a group of people!



  1. Frank says:

    Oh my god! I can’t believe this has been there all along and just now I learn about it!

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  2. Deb says:

    I have an iPhone 4 and I do not get the screen shown above, nor do I have a “Group Messaging” toggle. What gives?

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  3. The Big Geek says:

    Group messaging is only available if your carrier supports it.

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