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OMG.  It cMillennium Falcon Engineering Diagram an’t be true!

I found a complete engineering diagram of the millennium falcon on the ole’ itnerwebz!  You can click that sucker and make it bigger.  You can also leave comments and tell me how much you love me for posting this.  If you have a nerdgazm, keep it to yourself.

Corellian Engineering Corporation made the craft, and customized it to Han Solo’s specifications as you can see his signature at the bottom of the spec.

Man, I feel 5 again, which is exactly how old I was when Star Wars came out.  I feel so grown up now!



  1. enzyme says:

    but where to find an ion flux stabilizer with alluvial damper :\

    never one around when you need it.

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  2. Walter says:

    Thanks, it is perfect because I’m just making a real flying Millenium Falcon (toy size).

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